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Privacy Copyright. Staff publications, research, and presentations. Authors Jennifer E.

Abstract Purpose — The purpose of this article is to communicate how an academic library can establish and implement a realignment process to prepare itself to serve users in the 21st century. Comments DOI: Recommended Citation Jennifer E. Item Number:. AP Categories:. Description Table of Contents About the Authors In the midst of a decade of extraordinary change in academic libraries — change driven by information technology, new approaches to teaching and learning, new models for scholarly communication, and new expectations for the ways we will discover, share, and make use of information — there is nothing so important to the future of the library and its continued place at the heart of the academic enterprise than its people and the expertise that they bring to the design, development, and delivery of library services.

Mission and Purpose of Academic Libraries in the 21st Century

Jaguszewski Chapter 7 Ph. Sue Baughman About the authors Scott Walter. Karen Williams. Also of Interest:.

21st Century Access Services: On the Front Line of Academic Librarianship

Authors: Martina Malvasi. Regular Price. Publication Year:.

New Publishing Models for New Readers

Number of Pages:. Authors: Char Booth. Authors: Jane Jerrard.

Authors: Mary Y. A combination of visioning exercises and collaborative study of the appropriate LIS literature were key to establishing the direction that the libraries' realignment would take and the eventual organizational structure the libraries implemented.

South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science

The realignment activities not only emphasized collaboration among unit heads, but also emphasized the importance of clear communication, ongoing assessment, and connection to the university's overall strategic goals and realignment in order to guarantee eventual success. Nutefall, J. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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