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Figure 1. Experimental Section 2. Methods 2.

UV—Vis Spectroscopy All UV—vis spectroscopic measurements for the enzymatic activity and decolorization experiments were conducted on an Agilent UV—vis spectrophotometer at room temperature in deionized DI water. Enzyme Activity Assay Activity assays of native laccase and laccase complexes were conducted using ABTS as a substrate at room temperature.


Polymerization of Tyrosine Polymerization of tyrosine was conducted as previously described. Results and Discussion 3. Figure 2. Figure 4. Figure 3. Figure 5. Figure 6. Figure 7. Figure 8. Figure 9. Figure Application of Immobilized Laccase for Tyrosine Polymerizations To determine the application of complexed laccase for the transformation of substrates with low water solubility, tyrosine polymerizations were conducted using a previously described method.

Decolorization of Synthetic Dyes To determine the applicability of the synthesized immobilizing agents for bioremediation purposes, the decolorization of bromophenol blue, methyl orange, and rhodamine B base all of them being common synthetic dyes was investigated. Scheme 1.

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Acknowledgments The authors gratefully acknowledge Prof. Notes The authors declare no competing financial interest. References Lewis J. Enzymatic functionalization of carbon-hydrogen bonds. Biocatalysis and enzymes in organic synthesis. Minussi R. Potential applications of laccase in the food industry. Trends Food Sci.


Riva S. Laccases: blue enzymes for green chemistry. Trends Biotechnol. Kunamneni A. Engineering and Applications of fungal laccases for organic synthesis. Cell Fact. Cannatelli M. Mate D. Laccase: a multipurpose biocatalysts at the forefront of biotechnology. Recent developments and applications of immobilized laccase. Santiago G.

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ACS Catal. Mita N. Laccase-Catalyzed Oxidative Polymerization of Phenols. Gitsov I. Shoda S.

Waste , 15 , 13— Laccase-mediated detoxification of phenolic compounds. Enzymatic Removal of Phenol from Industrial Wastewaters. News , 93 , 24— Mateo C. Improvement of enzyme activity, stability and selectivity via immobilization techniques. Enzyme Microb. Asgher M. Enhancement of catalytic, reusability, and long-term stability features of Trametes versicolor IBL laccase immobilized on different polymers. Zhuo R. Characterization of a yeast recombinant laccase rLAC-EN and its application in decolorizing synthetic dye with the coexistence of metal ions and organic solvents.

Azimi M. Laccase activity in CTAB-based water-in-oil microemulsions. Metal complexes. Transition metals. Keywords enzymatic polymerization catalysts enzymes free radical polymerization functional polymers metal complexes proteins transition metal compounds atom transfer radical polymerization green chemistry approaches. Biocatalytic ATRP: controlled radical polymerizations mediated by enzymes. American Chemical Society. ACS Symposium Series. Access to Document Bull Mater Sci We are processes to revolutionize your download green polymer chemistry biocatalysis and with our png.

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Green polymer chemistry: Telechelic poly(ethylene glycol)s via enzymatic catalysis

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