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Handbook of Optics, Vol. 2: Devices, Measurements, and Properties, Second Edition

Section Overview: A number of review articles on differential interference contrast DIC microscopy have been published by leading researchers in the field and were utilized as references to prepare discussions included in the Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer. Pu blisher Description: This series, edited by world-renowned thermal analyst Prof. Patrick K. Gallagher, constitutes an enormously valuable resource to anyone involved with the characterization of thermal properties of materials. The reader will surely enjoy this up-to-date presentation of theory, fundamentals and diverse applications.

Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Vol 6.

Handbook of Optics, Vol. 2: Devices, Measurements, and Properties, Second Edition

Recent Advances, Techniques and Applications Pu blisher Description: Volume Six, Second Edition, presents the latest in a series that has been well received by the thermal analysis and calorimetry community. This volume covers recent advances in techniques and applications that complement the earlier volumes.

There has been tremendous progress in the field in recent years, and this book puts together the most high-impact topics selected for their popularity by new editors Sergey Vyazovkin, Nobuyoshi Koga and Christoph Schick—all editors of Thermochimica Acta. Among the important new techniques covered are biomass conversion; sustainable polymers; polymer nanocompsoties; nonmetallic glasses; phase change materials; propellants and explosives; applications to pharmaceuticals; processes in ceramics, metals, and alloys; ionic liquids; fast-scanning calorimetry, and more.

Thermal Analy sis in Practice. Fundamental Aspects Publisher Description: Thermal analysis comprises a group of techniques used to determine the physical or chemical properties of a substance as it is heated, cooled, or held at constant temperature. It is particularly important for polymer characterization, but also has major application in analysis of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs. Principles of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 2nd Ed Publisher Description: T he use of thermal and calorimetric methods has shown rapid growth over the past few decades, in an increasingly wide range of applications.

The original text was published in ; since then there have been significant advances in various analytical techniques and their applications. This second edition supplies an up to date, concise and readable account of the principles, experimental apparatus and practical procedures used in thermal analysis and calorimetric methods of analysis. Written by experts in their field, brief accounts of the basic theory are reinforced with detailed technical advances and contemporary developments.

Where appropriate, applications are used to highlight particular operating principles or methods of interpretation. As an important source of information for many levels of readership in a variety of areas, this book will be an aid for students and lecturers through to industrial and laboratory staff and consultants. Publisher Description: Strong bonds form stronger materials.

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For this reason, the investigation on thermal degradation of materials is a significantly important area in research and development activities. The analysis of thermal stability can be used to assess the behavior of materials in the aggressive environmental conditions, which in turn provides valuable information about the service life span of the materiel. Unlike other books published so far that have focused on either the fundamentals of thermal analysis or the degradation pattern of the materials, this book is specifically on the mechanism of degradation of materials.

The mechanism of rapturing of chemical bonds as a result of exposure to high-temperature environment is difficult to study and resulting mechanistic pathway hard to establish. Limited information is available on this subject in the published literatures and difficult to excavate. Chapters in this book are contributed by the experts working on thermal degradation and analysis of the wide variety of advanced and traditional materials.

Each chapter discusses the material, its possible application, behavior of chemical entities when exposed to high-temperature environment and mode and the mechanistic route of its decomposition. Such information is crucial while selecting the chemical ingredients during the synthesis or development of new materials technology.

Calorimetry: Fundamentals, Instrumentation and Application Stefan M.

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Publisher Description: Clearly divided into three parts, this practical book begins by dealing with all fundamental aspects of calorimetry. The second part looks at the equipment used and new developments.

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The third and final section provides measurement guidelines in order to obtain the best results. Publisher Description: This book delivers a deep insight into thermal polymer degradation features and put a particular emphasis on blends, composites and nanocomposites. It examines the thermal stability and the mechanism of degrading for every class of polymer substances and studies the effect on reinforcement to all classes.

The book further explores the thermal stability when nano particles are added and summarizes the latest studies and application relevant results. This book offers a valuable reference source to graduate and post graduate students, engineering students, research scholars and polymer engineers from industry.

Publisher Description: This book describes new and efficient calorimetric measurement methods, which can be used to accurately follow the chemical kinetics of liquid phase reaction systems.

It describes apparatus and techniques for the precise measuring of the rate of heat liberation in discontinuous and continuous isothermal as well as non-isothermal reactions. The presented methodology can be used to follow the development of chemical reactions online, even in industrial scales. Publisher Description: Provides a complete summary of the scientific literature about differential scanning calorimetry DSC , a well-known thermo-analytical technique that currently has a large set of applications covering several aspects of lipid technology. The book is divided into three major sections.

The first section covers the applications of DSC to study cooling and heating profiles of the main source of oils and fats. The second is more theoretical, discussing the application of DSC coupled to related thermal techniques and other physical measurements. And the third covers specific applications of DSC in the field of quality evaluation of palm, palm kernel, and coconut oils and their fractions as well as of some other important aspects of lipid technology such as shortening and margarine functionality, chocolate technology, and food emulsion stability..

Who is Who in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. From The Back Cover : This is an expanded and revised second edition, presenting accurate and comprehensive information about our leading thermal scientists to current and future generations. This volume provides the reader with an up-to-date list of the prominent members in this community. The publication contains only living scientists. The selection is based partly on several decades of the editors' personal professional experience and also partly on the opinion of the Regional Editors of the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry..

From The Back Cover : Thermal Analysis of Micro-, Nano- and Non-Crystalline Materials: Transformation, Crystallization, Kinetics and Thermodynamics complements and adds to volume 8 Glassy, Amorphous and Nano-Crystalline Materials by providing a coherent and authoritative overview of cutting-edge themes in the field of crystalline materials.

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In particular, the book focuses on reaction thermodynamics and kinetics applied to solid-state chemistry and thermal physics of various states of materials. In this volume the fundamental and historical aspects of phenomenological kinetics and the equilibrium background of processes are detailed.

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Crystal defects, non-stoichiometry and nano-crystallinity, reduced glass-transition temperatures and glass-forming coefficients are covered. Structural relaxation and viscosity behaviour in glass and associated relaxation kinetics are also examined, together with the influence of preliminary nucleation and coupled phenomenological kinetics nucleation on both the strongly curved surfaces and nano-particles. The book investigates crystallization of glassy and amorphous materials including oxides, chalcogenides and metals, non-parametric and fractal description of kinetics, disorder and dimensionality in nano-crystalline diamond.

Moreover, it analyzes thermal analysis of waste glass batches, amorphous inorganic polysialates and bioactivity of hydroxyl groups as well as reaction kinetics and unconventional glass formability of oxide superconductors. Calorimetry and Thermal Methods in Catalysis Publisher Description: The book is about calorimetry and thermal analysis methods, alone or linked to other techniques, as applied to the characterization of catalysts, supports and adsorbents, and to the study of catalytic reactions in various domains: air and wastewater treatment, clean and renewable energies, refining of hydrocarbons, green chemistry, hydrogen production and storage.

The book is intended to fill the gap between the basic thermodynamic and kinetics concepts acquired by students during their academic formation, and the use of experimental techniques such as thermal analysis and calorimetry to answer practical questions. The book also covers the basic concepts for physico-chemical comprehension of the relevant phenomena. Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of the catalytic reactions can be fruitfully investigated by means of thermal analysis and calorimetric methods, in order to better understand the sequence of the elemental steps in the catalysed reaction.

So the fundamental theory behind the various thermal analysis and calorimetric techniques and methods also are illustrated.. Thermal Methods of Polymer Analysis Publisher Description: This book reviews the various thermal methods used for the characterisation of polymer properties and composition. All these methods study the properties of polymers as they change with temperature.

The methods discussed in this book are: differential photocalorimetry, differential scanning calorimetry, dielectric thermal analysis, differential thermal analysis, dynamic mechanical analysis, evolved gas analysis, gas chromatography, gas chromatography combined with mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry, microthermal analysis, thermal volatilisation, thermogravimetric analysis and thermomechanical analysis. Each technique is discussed in detail and examples of the use of each technique are also given.

Each chapter has an extensive list of references so that the reader can follow up topics of interest. This book will be a useful reference for those who already use any of these thermal methods but will also be of interest to undergraduates and those who are just starting to use these techniques. Publisher Description: Examining the physical basis of the structure of macromolecules-proteins, nucleic acids, and their complexes-using calorimetric techniques. Many scientists working in biology are unfamiliar with the basics of thermodynamics and its role in determining molecular structures.

Yet measuring the heat of structural change a molecule undergoes under various conditions yields information on the energies involved and, thus, on the physical bases of the considered structures. Microcalorimetry of Macromolecules offers protein scientists unique access to this important information. Divided into thirteen chapters, the book introduces readers to the basics of thermodynamics as it applies to calorimetry, the evolution of the calorimetric technique, as well as how calorimetric techniques are used in the thermodynamic studies of macromolecules, detailing instruments for measuring the heat effects of various processes.

Also provided is general information on the structure of biological macromolecules, proteins, and nucleic acids, focusing on the key thermodynamic problems relating to their structure. Thermal Stability of Polymers Glassy, Amorphous and Nano-Crystalline Materials. The book provides a coherent and authoritative overview of cutting-edge themes involving the thermal analysis, applied solid-state physics and the micro-crystallinity of selected materials and their macro- and microscopic thermal properties.

Selected chapters featured in the book include: Essential attributes of glassiness regarding the nature of non-crystalline solids; Aspects of vitrification, amorphization, disordering and the extent of nano-crystallinity; The basic role of thermal analysis in polymer physics; Classical and quantum diffusion and their application to the self-organized oscillatory reactions; Specificity of low temperature measurements applied to nano-crystalline diamante; Thermophysical properties of natural glasses at the extremes of the thermal history profile; Phenomenological meaning of temperature as background for the history and development of thermal analysis and calorimetry.

Publisher Description: At first glance it may seem presumptuous to want to add yet another to the numerous books on Differential Thermal Analysis DT A. Thermoanalytical results are strongly influenced by various factors relative to preparation and equipment see This is the reason why we frequently find, in these books as well as in the Scifax-Card catalog, contradictory data on the same substance.