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How is this to be achieved? Certainly not with these barbaric methods! Such methods will only benefit the ruling class by creating divisions among workers. And when workers are divided they are weakened and rendered powerless in the face of attacks on their living standards by the bosses. The capitalist class always benefits from such divisions. What is required is a society that caters for the basic needs of all with decent housing, clothing, food, education and healthcare for all. This can only be achieved through the socialist transformation of society, where the workers who produce the wealth will have control over the resources and how they are to be used.

When poverty and want are eradicated, so too will be the material basis for ethnic and religious conflicts. Only on this basis can these conflicts be brought to an end. It is not Muslim workers, Muslim peasants or Muslim youth who are to blame for declining living standards.

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They, like all other workers, are simply struggling to make a living, to earn enough money to feed themselves and their children. In turn, it is not the workers and youth of Britain, or the United States, or Australia or New Zealand, that are to blame for the suffering of the peoples of the Middle East.

Fanning the flames of bigotry

Those who must take the blame for this are the capitalists of these countries, who exploit their own workers at home, while carrying out an imperialist policy abroad. In their quest for profits, they scour the world for markets and spheres of influence. To promote their interests, they foment divisions; they invade and bomb countries with the ultimate aim of guaranteeing trade routes and sources of raw materials.

This was evident in Syria and Libya. In Yemen they allow their friends in the Saudi regime to proceed to starve a whole people into submission, while in Somalia they have promoted utter barbarism. Meanwhile, at home in the advanced capitalist countries, they whip up racism as a useful tool to cut across the rising class struggle. In the past, when faced with a severe economic crisis in Germany, anti-Semitism was whipped up as a useful tool to distract attention away from the real culprits, the capitalists.

Today they have found in Islamophobia an equally useful tool. It is a means by which they hope to remain in power as they proceed to attack the working class, cutting back on wages, education, healthcare. Thus all workers suffer - Muslim and non-Muslim. The only force that can really put an end to all this is the organised working class.

Workers of different countries and ethnic roots discover they have a common interest in the process of fighting back against the onslaught on their living conditions. School pupils gathered in large numbers across Christchurch to perform the Haka in tribute to those killed in the attacks. These examples reveal the genuine solidarity of ordinary working people. The fact is that resources to provide jobs, houses, decent wages, hospitals and education for all already exist.

The problem is that those same resources are in the hands of a small minority of super-rich capitalists, who use their wealth for the few and not the many. To be able to use those resources requires the removal of the capitalist class, the class that is destroying the very basis of the civilisation we have and pushing us towards barbarism. Unity of the working class means unity against the real enemy: the capitalist ruling classes of all countries who profit while those below are pitted against each other.

It means unity of all workers - irrespective of their religious beliefs, of their language, of their colour of skin - against the system that is based on maximising profit for the few. Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password. New details will be emailed to you. Simply reserve online and pay at the counter when you collect. Available in shop from just two hours, subject to availability. Your order is now being processed and we have sent a confirmation email to you at.

This item can be requested from the shops shown below. If this item isn't available to be reserved nearby, add the item to your basket instead and select 'Deliver to my local shop' at the checkout, to be able to collect it from there at a later date. Preferred contact method Email Text message. I sometimes wonder how or why minority conservatives come to terms with race.

I have usually thought that for Thomas Sowell and others, social and economic conservatism trumped racial issues. Though, sometimes it seems to be cynical pandering on the part of some.

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Sebastian H There are churches and companies and families, and conservatives like all of them to act. Conservatives are more conservative about what types of collective action are good, when they are appropriate, and how often they get captured by bad influences. But they certainly believe in and understand them. Churches companies and families.

Conservatives understand systems and groups and collectives just fine. They just disagree about how and when they should be used. Lee A. Arnold Corey, great stuff. I think it is very important to political strategy for the left to understand that the right is not essentially racist. It is not inconceivable that a black person would adopt this position as a route to overcoming racism, and thus promote the original authority that has countenanced the racial improvements so far. But I see two problems for Clarence Thomas:.

And that hurt a lot of lives.

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Similarly, Thomas has joined in with bad economic rulings. The question here is, how does Clarence Thomas handle this? Does he think he can remain immune from this pervasive, cohesive mechanism of right-wing tribalism? Corey Robin One of the big themes of the second half of my book is all about the centrality of warfare to the conservative imagination, which is hardly anti-political. What they are opposed to is the political action of a subordinate class seeking its own emancipation. Not in the name of individualism — as I say, the individual action in the market, he thinks, can be and should be oriented to the broader needs of the black community — but it does entail an emphasis on individual action.

TM Strong, sweeping statement. Little, very little, evidence to support it. Why start out with an obviously false or at best exaggerated claim? Not directly relevant but a terrific new study demonstrates how ruthlessly biased the conservatives on the Supreme Court rule. The evidence clearly contradicts that. Glen Tomkins He pretty obviously has an enormous self-hatred.

Thomas believes that anti-black prejudice is basically correct, blacks are inferior. His way out of living with being a member of what he agrees is an objectively inferior group, is to believe that he is one of the exceptions. There is a bell curve to everything. Blacks could, as a group, have their peak several standard deviations to the left of whites, but when the data set is made up of millions of people, that still leaves plenty of room in the far right tail of the black bell curve for Thomas to be better than The man really enjoys being smarter than The rest of his ideology is just details, where he had to go achieve his present position in the 0.

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That Shelby v. DoJ was intended to allow the white right-wingers who currently control a number of state governments to maintain and extend their control? He is clearly not dumb. That is just about the most diametrically opposed interpretation of what I take myself to be saying as I could possibly imagine. Mark Field This is a bit imprecise.

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To this day, some provisions are not incorporated e. Therefore, it remains an issue whether a particular clause has been incorporated. The Establishment Clause was incorporated in Everson, but Thomas, as you correctly state, refuses to recognize that. I think that both of these need qualification.

It is not pure individualism; it it the sway and the cant of the existing institutions. Conservatives are opposed to political action of a subordinate class which would create either collectivist or egalitarian institutions, alongside the ones which already exist: family, church. The novel might be useful to work into your essay.

A market in which some people have power over the government because of their enormous resources is not free. I think that answers a question I had. So the unspoken assumption is that traditional organizations are better, and they also tend to be more responsive because they are more focused on small groups not a criteria of acceptability, just a knock-on effect perhaps? On reflection, I have to correct the above statement: this is not evidence of tribalism but rather of crude ruthlessness.