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I am as a plague, born to the priestess The secret amour of her archangelic rape Jaded-eyed when my lovers, possessed Screamed out their agonies, upon the stake "The most August sorcerers of Hades Darkly seized for me a throne And the upraised scythe so terribly scribed Vengeance in Jesuit blood on stone From this ransacked celestial temple I hold the prophet's severed head unto all nations" Tremble before us Lords of the star-veiled red sepulchres Rushing deathwards, our Tartarean fires Kindle pandemonia to furnace the earth "Our voices are opened graves Through which the never-dead escape" From dank, abyssic dream Pursuing ascendancy Nos avise.

Torn Asunder: Recovering from Extramarital Affairs by Dave Carder

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Excluir playlist Cancelar Salvar. Or is civil war the result of situational factors? Is the nature of contemporary violence fundamentally different than in past episodes of history? What — if any — are the differences in terms of the causes, patterns, and experiences of civil war? The historian and political scientist Bill Kissane tries to answer these questions through an analysis of cases and interpretations of both historic and contemporary nature.

This combination makes the book compelling reading.

Torn Asunder

His imprimatur as a historian is evident in the book. The book summarizes and evaluates the literature about civil war of the last two decades and what the different strands of that literature suggest about the causes, patterns, consequences of, and potential remedies for civil war. The author traces the concept through the work and words of Thucydides, Thomas Hobbes, Immanuel Kant, Hugo Grotius and contemporary Stathis Kalyvas, among others, and artists including the painter Francisco de Goya.

The pervasiveness of civil conflict after World War II and after the collapse of the USSR has been the source of a new and systematic literature on the subject, especially since the s.

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Two main international currents were intertwined in this period: globalization as a trend to international convergence on the one hand, and the fragmentation of empires and later of states on the other. Part of these studies and their orientations reflect the policy challenges created by these wars: a developmental challenge as the gap between regions of the world increases, a tendency accelerated due to these wars ; a security challenge countries in civil war as potential sources of terrorism ; and a humanitarian challenge for the human suffering caused by violence, accessible worldwide through the media and for a while putting peacemaking at the heart of foreign policy.

Added to all of them is a paradigm challenge, as these violent episodes defy explanations based on old paradigms of ideological conflict or anti-colonial struggles.

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Broadly speaking, most of the literature has followed a pattern of inquiry based on patterns, causes, consequences, and responses. This is reflected in the overall structure of the book. After the introduction, the second chapter discusses civil war in history through the comparison of three conceptions of civil war, all of them taken from periods when significant changes in perspective took place.

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  • The third chapter examines patterns, notably the pattern towards less interstate wars and more intrastate wars. Coupled with this, trends across geographical regions and within conflict zones are also studied. Through the analysis of data and historical processes, Kissane argues that there is a decline in interstate wars, while most internal conflicts are located in recently decolonized territories.

    be torn/split/rent etc asunder

    Insurgency tends to underpin other types of internal war p. He warns, however, against generalizations since many conflicts are both internal and international. The fourth chapter, about causes, scrutinizes structural theories and approaches, as well as their advantages and disadvantages with regard to process-based theories. Both approaches are used to analyse a case study: the conflict in Algeria in the s.

    In the section about consequences, the author deals with the conflict trap, material and moral harm, and the evolution of the state. Inextricably linked to the literature on civil war are discussions about recovery from civil war, an issue addressed in the sixth chapter. Kissane criticizes what he calls a basic definitional problem in the study of civil war: the widespread use of the term that conflates varied cases and phenomena under the same definition.

    This is a problem of semantic bleaching p.