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What we have set out to understand is the potential fluidity of gendered subjectivities as individuals move between social environments, an enquiry which reflects broader and more profound questions about the nature of human subjectivity itself, and how the quality of individual experience comes into being.

To pursue this enquiry we drew on theories of identity — and in particular gendered identity — which treat it as an outcome of socially and materially grounded practice. This is not, however, to dismiss the importance of discourses and representations within the making and remaking of gender.

An Organizational Approach to Undoing Gender: The Unlikely Case of Offshore Oil Platforms

Rather, we think in terms of discursive practices, that is to say the ways in which frameworks of ideas not only serve as a set of criteria against which we are measured, and measure ourselves, the mechanisms of gender accountability West and Zimmerman, , but also as a repertoire of possibilities which are drawn upon by individuals as they encounter and interact within the social world. As social and material contexts change, however, so practice alters, and being a man or woman is achieved differently.

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Indeed, we would argue, one becomes a somewhat different kind of man or woman. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Undiagnosing Gender.

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