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Cox, W. Alloway, and J. Thompson, E. Tilgher, A. Tinsley, H. Now that I realize that this is an issue, it is now a goal of mine to work on balance, and it can be a goal of yours too. Do not bring your work home with you. When your clock out time strikes, its time to leave your work at your desk, turn off the lights and head home.

Go home, have dinner, go to the gym, or go see some friends and just focus on you. By bringing your work home with you, you are causing yourself additional stress that is not needed or necessary. Your body is going to tell you what you need whether you like it or not. If you over-work yourself, your body is going to let you know that it is time to chill out.

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Whether you are working too much or doing a lot of nothing, you need to make time for yourself. Do something to help you relax and regain your thoughts. If you have too much leisure time, make time for yourself to do something productive.

Clean your house or apartment, get a bunch of those annoying errands done, or pick up a new hobby. Complete tasks that can help you get organized, feel accomplished, and feel as though you are fulfilling your goals. For those of you who work a little too much, hanging out with friends or family is an extremely beneficial way to relax and get your mind off of anything that is weighing on you. They can be a great distraction from the things that you are trying to get away from.

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